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Macro Hive Conversations With Bilal Hafeez

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Dec 11, 2020

This episode is supported by private equity platform Moonfare.

One of our most popular guests, legendary Jim Leitner, returns on this episode. He gives his take on the big picture themes of the day, how best to implement trades and much more, specifically we discuss:

  1. Why the rotation trade from growth to value may not work
  2. The importance of looking at the structural trends in undervalued sectors
  3. Why today’s tech boom is different from the dot-com mania
  4. The problem with 60:40 portfolios.
  5. The importance of real estate investments
  6. How low bond yields change how to value equities
  7. The power of digital options in implementing views and the bullish CNY story
  8. The ‘risk arbitrage’ of vol-focused market makers and trend focused investors
  9. The importance of limited trades a year
  10. The relationship between demographics and equities and the positive Japan story
  11. Reshoring and smart manufacturing
  12. The potential of bitcoin
  13. Advice for early career, and recommended books Checklist Manifesto (Gawande) and Superforecasting (Tetlock)